Deepika Padukone Cover photo on Magazine

Deepika Padukone on GQ Magazine Cover

Latest edition of GQ Magazine have one hot face and this face is of Deepika Padukone. She is looking simply mind blowing in dress up of cat woman. With 5 feet 9 inches height and well tonned legs, Deepika Padukone is simply looking breath stopping woman.

So if Hollywood is looking for new bold and sexy cat woman than they should talk with the Deepika Padukone's manager.

Have a look at these photos of Deepika Padukone -


Deepika Padukone on GQ Cover Magazine - August Issue

Deepika Padukone as cat woman

After looking at these photos I want to know how these actress wear such kind of skit fit dress and look so comfortable. May be that is the reason that they are actresses, know how to change face expression. :)